Joakim Megert

Scrum Master & Software Developer

What is this?

Consider this a brief biography of my professional self aimed at helping you get a better understanding of who I am when I'm working. Whether you're recruiter, co-worker or customer of mine I hope that you with this information can get to know me a little bit better.

Who I am

I'm 30 years old and live in Malmö, Sweden with my partner Malin and our two rescue dogs Gizmo and Isa. In my spare time I play floorball and video games, do some occasional fantasy/sci-fi reading and go for walks with our four legged companions.

What I do

I work at the multinational company TietoEVRY and currently I'm dividing my time between two different roles. During my entire professional career I've been a software developer but I've recently started transitioning into the role of Scrum Master. The Scrum Master role is probably best described as in the official Scrum Guide but in broad terms it means I am responsible for supporting the members of my Scrum Team in their adaptation of Scrum and guiding them within the framework as needed.

How I work

The current worldwide situation being as it is with covid-19 affecting many aspects of our lives means that I'm now working from home full time. While I don't have a fixed schedule of when I start and stop working during the day I tend to start my workday at around 9AM and end it at around 5PM. However, since the Srcum Master role means being there for my team as needed I am committed to be reachable pretty much throughout the entire day and evening. I try to go through my e-mail inbox at least twice a day but for more urgent, in depth or real-time conversations I prefer video chats or phone calls over instant messaging services, text messaging and e-mail.